Braking resistors DESIRO


are used on modern electric trains "Lastochka".

High-speed electric train "Lastochka" (Desiro RUS) was developed by the German company Siemens AG. It consists of 5 cars. The total length of the train set comes up to 130 m and it can reach the speed of 160 km/h. Each train has five cars. The head cars have motors with axial formula 20-20. The motor cars are equipped with asynchronous motors with a capacity of 320 kW each. Power control and motor torque is carried out due to the frequency and amplitude of three-phase voltage output to motor produced by inverter with IGBT keys. Traction drive of 2nd   class trains includes a two-stage gearbox with an intermediate gear wheel; gear ratio is 4.85.

The train cars have two-stage air spring suspension and central pneumatic suspension. Train doors are equipped with automatic retractable steps, allowing operation at stations with low platforms. Doors are generally similar to the train series EM4 (sliding plug type, with buttons outside of the car for opening doors in ready boarding mode). The head cars of the train were equipped with composting toilets (one per car). All the cars are equipped with air conditioning system and a digital display for displaying information to passengers. Hand luggage shelves are provided with outlet for voltage 220 V, which allows during journey to re-charge mobile phones and other devices.

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