Mechanical processing of metals is a complex of works carried out with the objective of making metal products (parts, units, forms, etc.) with necessary parameters.

Our company LLC "Penza Plant Telema Gino" carries out the mechanical processing of components.

Today there are various kinds of mechanical processing: turning, milling, grinding, welding. All these works are carried out with the use of advanced technological machines and tools and require high qualification level from personnel performing such works.




Turning is one of the most common ways of processing of the metallic semi-finished products. In the course of these operations the excess metal layer is removed in order to give the product the required form and size and create surface and relief specified by the project.

To lathe work CNC belong cutting of semi-products surfaces which have cylindrical, frontal and conical form and such processes as grooving, drilling, threading, etc.

The special turning machines with manual or program control (CNC) are used here. The automation of the process ensures high precision work both in the manufacture of individual components according to the customer design and serial production.




Milling is machining with the use of milling cutter. This process involves working with both flat and contoured surfaces, including threaded and ridged.

Today's milling machines allow you to cut in any direction: vertical, horizontal and bevel cutting (with the use of additional tools).


Grinding works


Products are grinded in order to show the final readiness of their preparation. It means that a thin layer of metal from product surface is removed by a rotating abrasive nozzle. As a result the semi-finished products get the most accurate dimensions and forms.

There are several types of grinding depending on the processed surface: exterior, interior, flat, round or profile.


Assembly and welding


Prior to welding the steel structures need to be properly assembled. The assembly is probably the most non-mechanized process in the metal processing, but quite important: it determines the quality of welding. Prepared parts and components are installed in accordance with the project and sufficiently firmly fixed to each other.

When the assembly is done, you can start the welding process, my means of which is supposed to be one piece construction. There are following types of welding depending on the principle of welding execution: arc, contact, argon-arc and gas.



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